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Egons Rusanovs and Signe Skutele

Herbert Packer’s doctrine of two models of the criminal process

In this book Dr. iur. cand. Egons Rusanovs and Mg. iur. Signe Skutele offers the readers insight into the criminal procedural views of American legal scholar Herbert Packer.

In 1964 H. Packer published his famous work «Two Models of the Criminal Process», which described two models of criminal process – 1) the crime control model and 2) the due process model.

Although H. Packer analysed the problems of litigation from the middle of last century United Sates, his publication is still a major source of study at universities around the world. Perhaps his findings would have benefited the legislator in Latvia after regaining independence in 1990—1991. In addition, in the opinion of the authors, the concept of H. Packer’s two models of criminal process is also relevant in the analysis of the progress of modern Latvian criminal process.

As pointed out by the author of the book’s foreword, corresponding member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia Dr. iur. Ārija Meikališa: «This study is useful to anyone who is interested in the rights of criminal procedure, for anyone who decides and advances on the improvement of criminal procedure. This book will also be useful for in-depth study of criminal procedure law in universities. This study will undoubtedly provide an opportunity for a wide range of interested parties to look at criminal proceedings not only as an everyday procedural process, but as an important legal phenomenon that can be scientifically analysed. Likewise, this book can give stimulus to new challenges, to thinking about the question – where is our criminal process going. »

In turn, the book’s foreword author, Professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia Dr. iur. Kristīne Strada-Rozenberga suggests reading the book not only, «to educate oneself on the views of legal scholars from other countries, but also because of a certain «added value» of this book. Every once in a while, between the lines that hold the review of H. Packers views, the authors have tried to tie together two different time periods, which are separated by a little more than 50 years, two countries, that represent different legal systems, Packer’s views and the happening of the Latvian criminal process. [..] I got acquainted with H. Packer’s theoretical views with interest, as well as with the authors’ assessment of what is happening in Latvia. Sometimes I agreed with the authors but in some places, I would not be so categorical. In any case, this book is a valuable stimulus to think. »

This book is only available in Latvian.

Pages: 128

Cover: Soft covers

Publisher: «Rusanovs & Partneri» office of sworn advocates SIA

Year: 2021

12 EUR

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