Portrait Vilis Sruogis

Vilis Sruogis

Sworn Advocate

Practises criminal law for almost fourteen years. Acquired experience as investigator in The State Police of Latvia, now works as an advocate. Also practises in the field of family law, specializing in resolving particularly complex family conflicts. Has experience in working with several enterprises, representing their interests in conflicts with competitors, in solving real estate issues, in cooperation with counterparties.


Office of Sworn Advocates «Rusanovs & Partneri», since 2019

Office of Sworn Advocate «V. SRUOĢA BIROJS» 2010−2019

Office of Sworn Advocate «V. SRUOĢA BIROJS» 2010−2019

Lawyer in several enterprise, 2006−2012

In various positions of internal affairs offices, 1992−2006


Crisis and Counselling Centre acknowledgments for active participation in the campaign for the European Day for Victims of Crime «Pajautā juristam» (Ask Lawyer), 22.02.2018., 10.04.2018., 21.02.2019.

Acknowledgement of Ministry of Justice for participation in «Pajautā juristam» (Ask lawyer), a campaign for the European Day for Victims of Crime, 2018


Master of Jurisprudence (University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, 2013−2016)

Highest degree in Law (University of Latvia, Faculty of Law, 1998−2004)

Professional qualification development programme in the field of children’s right protection (The Local Governments Training centre of Latvia, 2019)

Basic course of mediation – first level mediator skills (Association «Mediācija un ADR», 2013)


The Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates since 1991Lithuanian


  • Latvian
  • Russian
  • Lithuanian