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Egons Rusanovs and Signe Skutele

Analysis of the question «… ehm, when did you remember better?»

In this book sworn advocate Dr. iur. cand. Egons Rusanovs and assistant to sworn advocate Mg. iur. Signe Skutele offers the readers to look at the issues and tendencies of problems regarding the questions presented to witnesses, providing an insight into the findings of legal doctrine, as well as Latvian and Western European legislation and legal practice.

To the research of these issues the authors were prompted by a seemingly innocent and yet somewhat infuriating question quite frequently heard in court hearings «… ehm, when did you remember better?». Thus, the authors hope that this small publication could encourage others to assemble their observations on the happenings in Latvia’s criminal process today, as well as to focus more on research in order to shed light on continental European criminal procedure doctrine and, ultimately, promote justice in Latvia.

As pointed out by the author of the book’s foreword, the chairman of the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates, Dr. iur. Jānis Rozenbergs: «The issues of interrogation tactics, separation of admissible and inadmissible questions, and the psychological aspects of the testimony of witnesses have been unforgivably little studied in Latvian legal literature, thereby such research material conducted by colleagues is undoubtedly a useful tool for both sworn advocates and other legal professions. »

The aspects described in the book are accompanied by a table summarizing the objections in conjunction with the questions and evidence. In addition, the book’s chapters include white pages with inconspicuous lines so that any user can immediately take notes, capture clues, or try to create different examples of admissible and inadmissible questions.

This book is only available in Latvian.

Pages: 91

Cover: Soft covers

Publisher: «Rusanovs & Partneri» office of sworn advocates SIA

Year: 2021

10 EUR

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