Criminal Law

The Criminal Law determines which acts are considered criminal offences and determines a punishment for the commission of these acts. However, while performing criminal proceedings, the unjustified and incommensurable intervention in the life of a person, by imposing unreasonable criminal-procedural duties, is prohibited.

Defence and representation in criminal cases

We are providing an effective defence and representation in criminal cases in both, the pre-trial criminal proceedings and the examination of cases in courts of all instances, especially in appellate and cassation courts independently of the legal qualification of the offence.

The preparation of defence tactics, participation in the investigative actions and court proceedings

We provide the evaluation of clients previously chosen defence tactics and, if necessary, after evaluating each specific legal situation, we offer making the corrections in defence tactics. Our advices are based on perennial experience and practice, which is acquired by participating in countless investigative actions and court proceedings. We ensure effective presence of advocate in various investigative actions (such as questioning, confronting, on site examination of testimony, search, determining an expert-examination etc.), application of a security measure and court proceedings.

Preparation of the procedural documents and opinions at any stage of criminal procedure

In all the course of criminal procedure, in all of its stages we prepare all necessary procedural documents (applications, requests, petitions, complaints), which are addressed to correspondent public official (e.g., investigator, supervising public prosecutor, investigating judge) or court, which has the authorisation to perform criminal proceedings. At the request of clients, we prepare opinions about the matters of application of criminal law and criminal-procedural law.