Commercial law

Commercial law regulates the relations of business (individual merchants, limited liability companies, joint stock companies, and general and limited partnerships) with country and other legal subjects. Commercial law regulates the procedure of establishment of business, as well as how the alterations are made in the documentation of business, reorganization, liquidation and other important matters. We offer wide-ranging services in the field of commercial law.

Drawing up the documents for legal persons

We prepare the necessary documents for registration of all legal types of businesses, as well as other legal entities, such as associations and foundations. We ensure the registration in The Register of Enterprises.

We prepare amendments in the constitutive documents, as well as reorganization and liquidation documents.

Commercial pledge registration

A commercial pledge is a pledge, which is publicly registered with the Register of Commercial Pledges. The object of a commercial pledge can be any movable material or non-material object owned by the company, or indeed the company’s entire assets. This type of pledge is widely used in trading, especially when banks provide loans to businesses.

We prepare all of the documents necessary for registration, renewal, amendment and deletion of commercial pledges and submit these to The Register of Enterprises.

Irrespective of if the property is owned by a natural or legal person, commercial pledges can comprise: aircraft and land transport vehicles and trailers, smaller marine vessels, state-registered animals and flocks/ herds of farm animals and the enterprise as a whole, including capital, shares, closed emission shares and closed emission bonds.