Civil law

Civil law is the branch of law that governs the material and immaterial rights and obligations of equal partners (natural and legal persons) when entering an agreement, for example, purchase, transportation, cession, work-performance contracts etc., but also includes property rights, collateral rights regulation, legal aspects of family relations as well as inheritance regulations.

Civil law agreements

Our services include assistance with civil law contracts, as well as representation in contract negotiations.

Operations with real estate

We provide consultations on the matters of selling, buying, or otherwise transferring the ownership of real estate. We protect the interests of our clients during negotiations with the other party and any credit institution, if its investments are involved in the transaction.

We also handle all formalities in the Land Register and other state and municipal offices.

Family law

Our services include consultations on family law issues, representation in divorce proceedings, and collection of child maintenance support, analysis of marriage contracts and registration in the public register and the legal distribution of joint property of spouses.

We also provide consultations and legal aid on various aspects of children’s rights, including paternity, custody and regulation of access rights.


We consult our clients and provide legal assistance in all types of inheritance cases.

Our extensive experience also includes international inheritance law, enabling us to secure and confirm both, inheritances for foreign citizens and the rights of inheritance.

Debt collection and compensation for financial losses

By mutually agreeing, at first we always seek to obtain a fast and effective solution out-of-court; however, if it is not possible, we provide representation of the interests of our client in court.

Insurance matters

We provide legal consultations on the matters of insurance. At first, we always seek to obtain a fast and effective solution out-of-court by negotiating with insurer. In case of disputes, we provide representation of the interests of our client in court.

Tenant rights

Both parties in a rental agreement have specific rights and obligations and a need for certain protective guarantees during the contract period.

Our experts will draft an optimal contract to protect your interests and represent you in case of infringement.

Labour rights

We consult our clients on the matters of labour relations. We provide legal assistance in drafting the contracts.